Nevada Gaming Commission Signs Off On Dubai World Exit

Nevada Gaming Commission Signs Off On Dubai World Exit

Thursday was a very important day for Dubai World. That is when the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) signed off on the exit of the organization. The company is a Dubai investment arm in the United Arab Emirates. MGM Resorts International has had a fourteen-year partnership with Dubai World for the development of the CityCenter in Las Vegas.

John Moran leaves the Commission

The Chairman of the Commission, John Moran has also bid his goodbye to the Commission that he has served for almost seventeen years. Appointed in 2004, he was reappointed by Democrats and Republicans. Since 202, he was also the acting Chairman. He departs holding the distinction of being the longest-serving member in the history of the institution. Gov. Steve Sisolak is expected to announce a replacement in order to fill the vacancy.

Nevada prospered during the pandemic

John Moran has admitted that the past two years were very challenging. Nevada is known as the gold standard to all jurisdictions. All other states look up to the authorities in the state for indications as regards the sector and industry. During the pandemic, other states looked up to Nevada for new games and concepts. The state is the dominant leader in the world of gambling and everyone is aware that in the state of Nevada, everything is being done right with respect to the gambling industry.

John Moran praises Nevada initiatives

Moran has praised the leadership of Gaming Control Board Chairman, J. Brin Gibson and Gov. Steve Sisolak. He stated that during the pandemic, the industry in the state has not only managed to survive but has also prospered. Even as difficult decisions were taken, lives were saved, gaming was indeed protected and the community also received considerable help. He further went on to say that even though the pandemic was not over, the state of Nevada has kept its doors open, a significant achievement for the state. July 2021 was one of the best months for the state in its history, especially for Las Vegas. Good leadership, employee dedication helped keep the industry running and get the best numbers in the history of the state.

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