Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC) Announces Slot Machine Bonus

Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC) Announces Slot Machine Bonus

Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC), a company that is well known for its groundbreaking casino technology and loyalty programs has announced a slot machine bonus that is powered by this casino management system. PayAction Sports Bonus is a concept that will allow any slot machine connected to the Foundation casino management system of the company to reward users with bonuses that are triggered by the live sports data feed. The bonus was a part of the company’s lineup at the Global Gaming Expo.

Casino Management System

In order to meet and perhaps exceed the customer expectations for casino play, the Foundation casino management system is designed to offer operators a higher level of customization that is based on data generated in real-time with adaptable credit meters. Bonuses can be deployed to any mobile device. This will allow the company to optimize its relationship with its users. Long-term profitability is also sought through these additional features and bonuses.

PlayAction Sports Bonus

This new interface for slot machines incorporates data feed on a real-time basis. The new interface is capable of giving away bonuses that are triggered by a range of events such as a touchdown or a goal. The bonus amount is automatically reflected in the credit meter of the game or in the Acres wallet that could be in cash or non-cash credits.

Sports and PlayAction Bonus

The bonus is described by the company as highly configurable that can be activated by any event on the field that could be related to any player or the team in a sporting event. The casino operator has the power to define the parameters upon which the bonus is triggered. The bonus could be in the form of double payments or any other form of incentive that will encourage users to support their favorite teams. The casino operator will also have the ability to determine the parameters for eligibility of players to ensure profitability.  The company has already partnered with some of the largest casino operators in the country such as Penn National Gaming. Other casino operators with whom the company does not have a partnership will await regulatory approval prior to deployment of the system.

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