Olympics 2016 Investigation Reveals Match Fixing

Olympics 2016 Investigation Reveals Match Fixing

A new investigation conducted in boxing games during the Olympic games conducted in 2016 at Rio De Janeiro by Professor Richard McLaren has discovered that the matches were impacted by match-fixing. The International Boxing Association had initiated the investigation and it was concluded that referees and judges had been involved in malpractices. The results of the investigation were made public last Thursday. The results have stated that boxing matches at the 2016 Olympics were fixed. Professor Richard McLaren, in an interview with the Associated Press, has stated that judges, as well as referees, have participated in fixing the matches.

The extent of match-fixing in the boxing games

The investigation has not put a number on the matches that were fixed. No specific number of matches have been stated to have been affected by the fraud. No particular matches were named. However, Professor McLaren has stated that it is possible that eleven or lesser than eleven fights could have been affected by the fraud. It is important that the investigation found evidence as to fights being suspected of fraud or having been manipulated. Investigation reveals that some fights that have been affected include fights for medals.

Key personnel and fraud

Professor McLaren has stated that key personnel thought that rules were inapplicable to them. He further stated that there was a culture of fear, intimidation as well as obedience in the ranks of the judges and the referees. This informal structure helped in the selection of judges and referees who were assigned to the specific fights whose outcome was manipulated. He stated that the referees or judges who were participating in the fraud were either unwilling or incompetent to report the manipulation. He has also claimed that apart from the Olympics conducted in 2016, the Olympic Games conducted at London in 2012 may also have been impacted by the match-fixing and manipulation of matches.

AIBA announces changes; remains committed to integrity in games

Umar Kremlev, AIBA’s President has acknowledged that the findings of the investigation were indeed very serious for the sport and stressed his determination to ensure that the boxing matches are fair to all players. He stressed that the hiring of the investigator meant that the AIBA had nothing to hide and that the investigation reaffirms the sports authority’s commitment to uncovering the truth and make changes based on the findings. He stated that extensive reforms have been introduced to maintain fairness and integrity in the fights.

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