Sports betting in Florida to start on October 15, 2021

Sports betting in Florida to start on October 15, 2021

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady had a date with Miami Dolphins on Sunday. However, when sports fans are watching the National Football League on CBS, they will be watching more than just a football game. The match on Sunday will be the last Sunday match before betting and gambling become legal on tribal land in the state of Florida. Viewers will also get to watch frequent commercials for gambling websites such as DraftKings as well as FanDuel. Sports betting in the state of Florida will be legal on October 15, 2021. However, the casinos don’t seem to be ready to handle the gamblers or the rush to bet on the sporting events.

Seminole Tribe in Florida and betting

The Seminole Casino Hotel that is located in Immokalee has not yet announced a day when it would accept bets with respect to sporting events. Additionally, there are also a number of legal hurdles that seem to be increasing. This could mean that even though sports betting could be officially legal in the state of Florida in October 2021, it could be well into 2022 when bets could be placed by players in the state. The Seminole Tribe that is located in Florida has agreed to pay $ 500 million per annum to the authorities in the state. In return for the payment, any person in the state of Florida who is over the age of 21 years can bet on sports events through an app or online.

Other tribes and casinos want to be licensed

Poker rooms also want to get deals with the authorities in the state in order to earn more revenues through online betting. They are in the process of approaching the sports authorities in order to work out a deal and get the required licenses. These businesses claim that there is a monopoly that is established on gambling by the tribes that are located in the state. A hearing that is slated for November 5, 2021, is to hear these pleas.

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