Codere launches new social responsibility campaign, Red Bank

Codere launches new social responsibility campaign, Red Bank

Codere has launched its Red Bank campaign to raise awareness of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Codere has launched a new social responsibility campaign, Red Bank, to raise awareness about International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Codere kick starts Red Bank Campaign

The campaign, which operates under the tagline “violence is never love,” takes a variety of measures against sexist violence, creating awareness of the social issue and encouraging a culture of equality and respect for women.

lvaro de Ansorena, Codere’s corporate director of people, stated: “At Codere, we are steadfast in our commitment to promoting a culture of diversity and equality among our employees.” Not unexpectedly, our organization is made up of a very diverse workforce, with over 43 different countries represented. Diversification is ingrained in the company’s ideals.

“Similarly, 40% of our 11,000 employees are women, making it critical for the organization to support measures that promote equality, diversity, and respect. “At Codere, we try to raise awareness and eradicate all forms of abuse, and our campaign intends to be particularly effective in this endeavor.”

Standing Up Against Violence 

As part of the initiative, the group will promote various actions to reject domestic abuse in its rooms and offices throughout the seven countries in which it operates, including Spain, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, and Panama, to raise awareness about the issue, which affects nearly 236 million women worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. 

By incorporating a red seat into rooms and offices as a symbol, the organization will establish areas for reporting, remembering, contemplation, and information about sexist violence to foster a culture of equality, integration, and respect.

Codere mentions the legendary red bench painted by Italian activist Tina Magenta in honor of the first march against femicide as inspiration for its campaign. Additionally, in the symbolic exhibition of red shoes by Mexican artist Elina Chauvet in commemoration of domestic abuse victims. 

Jorge Barreras, Codere’s director of corporate social responsibility, stated: “The company’s new corporate social responsibility framework provides an ideal platform for channeling and bringing this social issue closer to collaborators and clients, as a company committed to the communities in which it operates and to gender equality and diversity.”

Codere has launched an equality, inclusion, and diversity policy, as well as a process for preventing, addressing, and eliminating workplace violence. Initiatives that contribute to the growth of equality in the workplace and support the group’s mission and commitment to responsibility.

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