GamCare showcases help in the East Midlands ahead of Blue Monday

GamCare showcases help in the East Midlands ahead of Blue Monday

According to GamCare, 73% of men in the East Midlands have spoken to local experts about gambling and casino addiction difficulties.

Ahead of Blue Monday next week, a day in January dubbed the “most sad day of the year,” the gambling support organization has released statistics to increase awareness of the local support available to anyone battling with problem gambling in the East Midlands.

It indicated that 23% of women have also expressed their concerns, with those aged 26-35 accounting for 27% of service users.

Alarming Gambling Addiction Rate

Nicola O’Neill, a GamCare gambling support provider located in the East Midlands, commented: “At GamCare, we understand how difficult this time of year can be for people who struggle with their gaming, especially as we approach ‘Blue Monday.’

GamCare also emphasized the importance of its National Gaming Helpline, which operates 24 hours a day and provides free practical advice, information, and assistance around gambling. It stated that residents of the East Midlands, including Lincoln, Peterborough, Nottingham, Leicester, and Northampton, can be referred.

Along with the helpline, Northampton Saints Rugby Club is assisting the charity, which has assisted around 1,500 people in the region in overcoming the emotional and physical consequences of gambling. GamCare stated that the most popular form of gambling in Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, and Lincoln was online casino slots, while the most popular form of gambling in Peterborough was online gambling for sporting events.

Quotes from the Press Release

“With increased financial demands following Christmas and a longer period between paychecks, the hardships that many gamblers face in January can carry a large emotional toll as well.

“It’s critical that individuals feel comfortable approaching and discussing these concerns with members of their own community; we’re here, we’re local, and we can help.”

“I’ve spoken with a diverse group of women and men in the local region, both on the phone and in person, who have been influenced by someone else’s gambling as well as those who have gambled directly,” O’Neill continued.

“It is critical to assist individuals who have been impacted by a gambling issue in rebuilding their self-esteem and confidence. We want to foster trust and understanding among the local residents who contact us, and to encourage more people to come forward and receive the assistance they require.”

“Northampton Saints is glad to support this campaign to increase awareness of GamCare and the work they undertake to assist anyone battling with a gambling addiction in the East Midlands,” stated Tim Percival, director at Northampton Saints. It is critical that people understand where they can turn for assistance if they require it.”

GamCare commissioned research among 1,000 UK adults and discovered that over six million Britons know someone who struggles with gambling. Additionally, 25% admit to regretting a wager they placed. GamCare finished by highlighting five warning flags that anyone concerned about another’s gaming should be aware of. These include withdrawal, mood swings, sleeping issues, financial indicators, and dishonesty.

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