Minnesota Twins and Jackpocket Form Groundbreaking MLB Deal

Minnesota Twins and Jackpocket Form Groundbreaking MLB Deal

Jackpocket has formed a partnership with the Minnesota Twins, becoming the team’s official mobile lottery partner.

With its partnership with the Minnesota Twins, Jackpot, an established third-party software that enables users in the United States to make speedy purchases of lottery tickets, is hoping to reach out to baseball fans in a big way.

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First MLB Partnership for Jackpocket

Additionally, Jackpocket is introducing a variety of choices for MLB fans who wish to attend the events in person. To accomplish this, Jackpocket is introducing VIP tickets, field tours, and other unique experiences that will keep Twins fans on their toes while also providing Jackpocket users with the opportunity to engage with the app in new and innovative ways. As promised in the official news release outlining the relationship, individuals who opt to use the TWINS promo code will receive a free lottery ticket at the time of checkout. In response to this possibility and tie-in, Jackpocket CEO Peter Sullivan expressed delight at the prospect of his company increasing its customer base to include baseball fans: Because of the recent conclusion of Opening Day, they look forward to providing Twins fans a new option to participate in the lottery through this cooperation. Sullivan noted that this would be a first for Jackpocket, and that both the firm and he were excited to see how this would convert into improved customer engagement and the potential for new customers to come on board.

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According to Minnesota Twins vice president and chief revenue officer Meka Morris, the cooperation has been positively accepted. Their partnership with Jackpocket is ideal for the Twins, who are working to improve their digital and game-day experiences in order to reach their fans where they are at. Meka Morris is the vice president and chief revenue officer of the Minnesota Twins. Jackpocket’s first entry into Major Organization Baseball is significant, but the agreement is not the first time the company has sought a connection with a major sports league in the United States. The NFL, the NBA, and the NHL are among the organizations with which the firm has formed relationships.



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