Low6 Brings Attention to B2B White Label Services, Sports Betting Sector

Low6 Brings Attention to B2B White Label Services, Sports Betting Sector

Low6, a supplier of creative sports gaming alternatives and maker of fan-driven experiences, is shifting its focus to the B2B market with the launch of a new white-label platform. As part of its complete turnkey B2B pivot, the award-winning firm will now deliver free-to-play gamification technologies to different sports betting, gaming, and sports companies.


Low6 Embraces B2B White Label Approach

According to a press release issued by the firm, Low6 will be expanding the number of partners that are integrated into its platform as it continues to grow in both the North American and Asia Pacific sectors. According to the release, European operator TOTO and Jacks have already signed up for the service. With specific input from the UFC, PGA Tour, Points Beat, and Uber Eats as well as other industry giants in technology, media, and gaming, Low6 creates one-of-a-kind video games that are based on the preferences and tastes of customers. Every one of Low6’s products is designed from the ground up with the intention of capturing the attention of sports fans and generating a robust reaction from them. Acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones are the two most important focuses for Low6.

Low6 Offers Wide Variety of Free, Dedicated Games to Play


The technological platform and specific games offered by Low6 have garnered a reputation as being among the most entertaining options available. Because of this, they will be included in the white label solution that the firm has produced, which will be distributed to various sports media companies, professional leagues, teams, and other organizations. As part of the deal, Low6 is required to provide games like Fantasy, Picks, Bracket, and Trivia that may cater to the individual tastes of each consumer. It is anticipated that Low6, which has the community as its primary focus, would increase the dwell lengths of its partners and provide an excellent client acquisition cost. The corporation is able to better customize each product to the individual interests of the audiences it is catering to thanks, in no small part, to the data collecting techniques that are at its disposal.

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