Nevada Revises Gambling Regulations to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Nevada Revises Gambling Regulations to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Nevada Gaming Commission approved the implementation of new cybersecurity regulations by a vote of unanimous approval. 

To improve its defenses against disclosing sensitive information, such as customer data, the state’s casinos must implement more stringent controls over their internet business activities.

Most high-profile firms now have acceptable data breach safeguards, which is why industry officials welcomed the proposed reforms.

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The number of breaches in online security is increasing

Since the beginning of the online gambling industry, operators have had an ongoing challenge in terms of cybersecurity due to the continual targeting of the multi-billion dollar industry by cybercriminals. 

Research that was just released by the cybersecurity company Kaspersky revealed that casinos in Southeast Asia have been subject to persistent attacks by Chinese malware. These attacks have been going on for several years.

Western operators are in just as much danger as their Eastern counterparts, as illustrated by two recent events involving prominent businesses. 

In November, DraftKings found itself in a precarious position after it discovered that security breaches had resulted in customers losing up to $300,000 as a result of their login data being stolen and used fraudulently. 

A couple of days ago, BetMGM made an announcement that personal information on an undefined number of clients may have been compromised as a result of a probable cyber assault.

The Commission Decided to Take a Less Strict Approach to the Matter

In response to an increase in the number and severity of occurrences, the Nevada Gaming Commission has taken preventative action by releasing revised regulations for businesses operating within the state. 

Casinos have been given one year, as part of the revised legislation, to implement acceptable cybersecurity solutions and procedures. The members of the Commission decided to offer corporations a relatively large amount of leeway in the implementation of their new security measures; nonetheless, the new rules do include some stringent restrictions.

Every operator in the state of Nevada is required to conduct annual compliance reviews and notify the appropriate regulator within 72 hours of any security breach. Their reports ought to contain information regarding the nature of the assault, its scope, the company’s immediate response, and the countermeasures that are in the works.

The Commission granted operators a great deal of leeway with the new regulations, which were purposefully left ambiguous so that they might be interpreted in a variety of ways. Due to the fact that the rules are generally lacking in stringent standards, they provide casinos the opportunity to collaborate with law enforcement agencies such as the FBI or other agencies before filing a thorough report to the regulator.

Representatives from the Business Community Provided Substantial Contributions

As a result of the urgent requirement for increased internet security, a number of prominent organizations voiced their support for the proposed new legislation. Virginia Valentine, who is the president of the Nevada Resorts Association, praised the Commission for keeping an open and productive discussion with operators. She went on to say that a number of recommendations made by association members were incorporated into the final draft of the revised regulation.

A Great Significant Step Forward to Safer Gambling Environment 

In addition, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers made a contribution to the final document by submitting a list of suggested revisions, which the Commission ultimately incorporated into the final form of the document. Even though the majority of the amendments to the rule are advisory in nature, they still represent a significant step toward a safer gambling environment that is better equipped to deal with the threats posed by the current age.

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