Better Fan Debuts Groundbreaking Player-to-Player Betting Platform

Better Fan Debuts Groundbreaking Player-to-Player Betting Platform

Better Fan

Better Fan has announced the launch of its new platform, which includes both pay-to-earn and gamified Web3 features.

With the release of its new platform, Better Fan, a Web3-based platform that facilitates sports betting, the company intends to further leverage on the growing interest in blockchain-based solutions. The company presented a new venture that integrates the most beneficial aspects of blockchain technology with play-to-earn (P2E) game mechanics.

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Better Fan Solutions used Web3 to build an innovative platform.

Fans of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other similar assets have long shown a strong interest in P2E gaming. In light of this, Better Fans aims to entice players with innovative Web3 experiences that provide a secure environment in which fans may enjoy betting.

Because the new system operates within a closed economy, its users can never actually lose any of their own money while using it. The gamification aspects of Better Fan’s products have always worked toward the goal of preventing users from losing all of their money and providing secure and enjoyable gaming environments. Because of this, players can enjoy gaming mechanics without any of the dangers that are typically associated with them. The only thing that gamers risk losing is the money they wager each day. These are reset each day, and their availability is determined by the fan cards that users have.

Putting its Efforts to Create and Gamify the Fan’s Gaming Experience 

The daily betting restrictions and maximum bet sizes of players are determined by the fan cards, which are based on non-fungible tokens to further immerse players in a Web3 environment. Players can only use the fan cards they have purchased. Fans have the ability to update their cards to improve their scores in various categories, which is additional evidence of Better Fan’s efforts to gamify the fan experience. Fans will be rewarded with a number of Better Than Bet (BTB) tokens if they successfully predict the outcome of a game and place winning bets on it. These tokens can be traded in for US Dollars in the traditional purchase-to-exchange method, or they can be used to unlock a range of features and activities within the game.

Discussing  the Advantages of Working with Better Fans

Metin Durgun, the chief executive officer of Better Fan, offered some commentary on the motivation behind the development of the new platform. He stated that the industry for sports betting in the United States is currently in need of revenue streams that are secure, sustainable, and legal. Durgun says that what makes Better Fan different from other platforms like it on the market is that it has a closed economy and that Web3 solutions are inherently secure.

Durgun thinks that the new platform can both change the world of sports betting and take advantage of the growth of the industry. The company’s chief executive officer mentioned that as many as 47 million people in the United States have made bets on the 2021–2022 season, which demonstrates the level of interest that clients have in the sector. However, the most significant distinction is that clients who choose Better Fan over conventional sportsbooks do not run the risk of having all of their funds lost.

Fairer Means of Distribution 

People use real money to place wagers on platforms based on the Web 2. On the other hand, if they are unsuccessful, they will lose their entire stake. The P2E concept serves as the inspiration for the gamification strategy utilized by Better Fan. Because “hard money” is prohibited from entering the network, any illicit conduct is avoided as a result. When it comes to the collection of in-game taxes and the allocation of a percentage of those funds to sports teams, Durgun came to the conclusion that Better Fan will also have a “fairer means of distribution.”


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