Paf expands scope of partnership with service provider Betmakers

Paf expands scope of partnership with service provider Betmakers

Paf will offer trotting betting on land in the future in a completely new manner. This comes after expanding its relationships with ATG and service provider Betmakers. 

Paf – Betmakers Expansion

Betmakers is one of the world’s major providers of horse racing betting, and the agreement with Swedish ATG has been revised and upgraded. “This will be a completely new strategy for Paf, which means that our land agents will be able to continue offering ATG’s trotting betting to all land customers,” Jannik Svahnström, Paf’s Head of New Sales, said.

Paf will continue to act as ATG’s international agent on land. Betting will take place on Betmaker’s terminals and gaming platform. “The process of putting everything in place on schedule has taken at least six months. Now that we have everything in place, we are both content and happy,” Sari Venho, Key Account Manager for Paf on land, remarked.

“We would want to express our gratitude to all of our clients and gaming agents. They have demonstrated exceptional tolerance and understanding during the debut of the new game system,” Jannik Svahnström stated.

All previously offered trotting races will be open to players, and even ATG’s well-known branding will remain visible to agents. However, the new trotting betting system will alter the coupons, betting receipts, and share bets systems. 

“There will be some new features for consumers to learn, but there will also be a simplification since the number of coupons decreases and greater winnings can now be cashed at Paf’s office, which was previously not feasible,” Sari Venho explained.

About the compang – PAF

Ålands Penningautomatförening or Paf is a money gambling operator based on the Åland Islands in Finland and owned by the regional government. Paf offers games on the internet and on board cruise ships in the Baltic and the North Sea. 

The company also has physical gaming activities on Åland. Paf’s mission is to generate funds for the public community on the Åland Islands. 

Every year, around €20 million in Paf funds are distributed by the Åland regional government to a range of health, culture, education, and sustainability projects. 

Paf has customers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Spain and Latvia and is licensed and controlled by the local Åland government.

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