BC Game, Crypto Casino Of The Year, Offers Piece of Cake $2K Giveaway

BC Game, Crypto Casino Of The Year, Offers Piece of Cake $2K Giveaway

After winning Crypto Casino Of The Year, leading bitcoin and real-money casino site BC Game offering $2000 Giveaway to their players this month of August.

BC Game

Promo Description

BC Games has been offering it to its consumers and expanding significantly year after year. With the finest bonuses in the Crypto Gambling Ecosystem, BC Games are pleased to announce that they have been named the Best Crypto Casino by SIGMA Awards, and as a thank you, they are giving away $2,000 in prizes.

How to Join?

To commemorate the occasion, BC Games is giving away $100 to the three users who share the most memorable event.

  • Each of the first 100 commenting users will get $7. ( must be a good memory with BCGAME and not random comment).
  • One hundred users will be selected at random and rewarded ten dollars apiece.
  • Share one of your most memorable experiences with BC.GAME. The finest moment need not include a significant victory. It might include finding a nice friend or a relationship.
  • Possible assignment of a VIP Host.
  • Or maybe you really won big, and it will be your finest moment/memory.
  • BC Games will choose the three greatest tales provided in response to this event, and 100 users who shared their finest memories with BC.GAME will each get $7 once the event concludes.

Extra Bonus for Players 


They are adding an additional $1000 to the pool. In addition to the $1000, 100 randomly selected users who submit their greatest tales with BC.GAME will each get $10. Participation is limited to a single account per household. After 72 hours, winners will be declared and rewards will be distributed.


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